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me too, what's my size?

"this might be the most comfortable bra you will ever wear."

"this underwire- and hook-free bra is incredibly comfortable."

"...provide total support while avoiding the oppressive reminder you're wearing a bra at all."

"rarely does a woman boast about how comfortable her bra is..."

"DC's buzziest new brand is a lacy, nipple-baring bra."

"this is the best ‘bra’ i’ve ever worn, period."

"feminine meets chic in underbares, the D.C.-based start-up known for its nipple-baring bralettes."

pared-down undergarments, perfected for you.

inhale, exhale. sit back and relax.

welcome to our comfier corner of the world ☁️

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testing, testing

if you’d like to test and model underbares, we’d love to hear from you.

oooh fun

we expect better

melons🍈🍈? an hourglass ⌛? things we are made to believe we need to be shaped like. no more: painful wires, uncomfortable hooks, fussy strap adjusters, artificial lining, sweaty padding, wetsuit-like-smoothing. we're not here to artificially shape or mold you. we make pared-down options designed to organically move with you, not against you. underbares is a new approach to what we choose to put on first. it's about being comfortable in our own skin. we're so happy you're here. 

designed with love in DC, made with care in Massachusetts

meet our makers

limited edition artist collab with Eliza Wapner

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inspired by the beach, hand dyed in New Orleans

shop naturally dyed tees

the organic cotton tee, elevated

shop naturally dyed tees

what we do at underbares

we put you first by learning what you actually want in your top drawer next. we go from there.

we work with the best partners and friends to design better undergarments. meet our makers.

together, we rewrite the narrative by showing the world that we'll choose our shape and not let anyone choose it for us. there's no need to be alarmed, world! 

the comfiest organic cotton set

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less is more, but when more is more we share it here.

project face masks

thanks to your generous donations in 2020, we manufactured and shipped 1,500 masks to those in need. special thank you to doctors, nurses, the medical community and all essential workers; our manufacturing partners in Massachusetts; #GetUsPPE for connecting us with essential workers and medical professionals across the USA.