👄 MONEY TALK: first impression

When your underbares package arrives, we know that the first impression or ~the unboxing~ experience really matters. That’s why we obsess over: how to create a lovely unwrapping experience while being mindful of minimizing unnecessary packaging and investing in materials that are better for the planet 🌎 

When we receive orders in the mail, we have an expectation that some care was put into how the item we invested in was tagged, wrapped, and packaged. Depending on the brand we ordered this item from, we may expect a utilitarian box with padding to protect the item we needed the next day. Or, maybe we ordered a speciality item that we anticipate will arrive beautifully wrapped with a dried flower and a hand-written thank you note. Both businesses held up their end of the bargain: they tagged, wrapped, and shipped the order, but the experience opening each order is notably different. 

On the spectrum of unwrapping or ~unboxing~ we’d prefer to be on the thoughtful, beautifully wrapped side of things. So, anytime we receive a package, we really do obsess over how it is tagged and wrapped and what it felt like to open it. That’s why we knew we wanted you to receive your underbares in tissue paper that you get to unwrap, like a little present. We want you to receive a note from our team where you can learn a bit more about us and where you can easily access our contact information.


The undergarments we sell are delicate, and we need to ensure they are protected during transit. We heard from many fulfillment providers that our undergarments would need to be tagged, put into a small plastic bag, and then put into another, larger plastic bag or box or envelope to ship. Our concern with this approach was that we would need to invest in small plastic bags to protect the undergarments and then these small plastic bags would end up in the trash. This would result in unnecessary waste.

 In an effort to avoid this, we invested in a  waterproof mailer to protect your underbares in transit. We decided we did not need two layers of plastic bags to protect your order. Further, shipping your order in a poly mailer, versus a box, would help keep the shipping cost low since the package is lighter.

 Here’s our packaging  process:

  1. Your undergarments are tagged with hang tags made from 100% recycled paper.
  2. When you place an order, they’re wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper.
  3. The tissue paper is held together with a large sticker (note: this sticker is made from virgin materials - there is room for improvement here!).
  4. The wrapped items are placed in a 100% recycled poly mailer, which can be recycled or reused in case you need to make a return or an exchange.

The recycled packaging options that we invest in cost more than traditional options made from virgin materials. For example, our 100% recycled thank you card costs 50% more than the traditional matte version. We could opt for the cheaper and *newer* card, however, we believe in: purchasing items made from 100% recycled content and ensuring that the items can then be recycled or reused. There is a lot of waste in the world. We do not want to add to it.

If you have feedback about areas where we can provide more information or where you’d like more MONEY TALK, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you at hello@underbares.com.

Thank you for being here,
❤️ team bare