👄 MONEY TALK: what’s the deal with pre-orders?

Hi, hello!

If you’ve been following along with us since we launched underbares with one style, the everyday bra, in two colors (black and white), you know that we always introduce new styles in a few steps:

(1) when we share about the new style or colorway, we include a waitlist so that those interested in the comfy item will be the first to know when they can shop the pre-order.

(2) we launch the style as available for pre-order, which means you can shop the new style before it goes into production or when it is in the process of being cut, sewn, inspected and tagged prior to being sent to you!

When we launched our first pre-order campaign, we were thrilled by the number of orders we received. This was both wonderful but also intimidating because as a small team - of 1 - the royal “we” were still learning how to set your expectations about the production timeline. We were working with new partners and unfortunately hit speed bumps that resulted in delays. This was frustrating and frankly not the best experience for our lovely customers (if you’re reading this and you were one of our earliest customers: thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts). Since then, we’re happy to share that we’ve learned many lessons about how to launch our pre-order campaigns so that we set the clearest expectations about the estimated ship date and keep you posted on the timeline as the ship date approaches.

So, what’s the deal with pre-orders then? Why do we launch new styles this way?

When you pre-order a new style from us, you help us  determine how many pieces of that style to make and what sizes and colors to make it in. As a small, independent brand, your pre-order also helps us invest in raw materials upfront (kind of like our own version of a Kickstarter). It’s so helpful to know what you want to invest in because that enables us to work with our manufacturing partners to place orders informed by ~data~ aka what you’re excited about and what you’re purchasing!

Sometimes we produce too little of a new style or colorway, which can also be frustrating, and we’re sorry about this. As we shared in our first edition of MONEY TALK where we dove into the price of the organic cotton boxer brief: when we manufacture a smaller batch of garments, our manufacturing team does not reach peak efficiency on the production floor. This results in slightly higher labor costs. While it’s tempting to avoid this added cost by investing in more inventory, we’d prefer to sell out and reinvest in items when we know you want them.

We strive to be intentional about producing items that fulfill a need in your top drawer and that won't just sit on a shelf. From a sustainability perspective, we avoid producing excess merchandise that does not sell and could end up in a landfill.

So, that’s why we always go from waitlist to pre-order, and once the new style is in stock it will ship within 24 hours Monday through Friday (special thanks to our awesome shipping partners in Fall River, MA). Your pre-orders are instrumental in helping us make informed decisions about how much of a new style we need to make. Thank you!

If you have feedback about areas where we can provide more information or where you’d like us to provide more MONEY TALK, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you at hello@underbares.com.

Thank you for being here,
❤️ team bare