💬 Q+A with Devon Lach, founder of Prynne

We’re excited to share more about Devon Lach, her passion for sustainability, and her journey launching Prynne: a marketplace featuring sustainable, ethical, and inclusive fashion. Read on for our special Q+A 💬

☁️ What sparked the idea for Prynne?

Devon: As a photographer, I was always in love with the creative aspects of fashion photography but had a difficult time reconciling my feminist and environmentalist principles with the way womxn were represented in the industry. This sparked the idea for Prynne: The Magazine. I started curating sustainable brand lists for the magazine and talking to so many fantastic founders that really wanted to change the industry. I was inspired by all these conversations but still felt like there wasn’t a marketplace that was offering fashion-forward clothing in an accessible transparent way, so I decided to start one.

☁️ Having an idea is one thing, but then turning your idea into a beautiful site featuring independent brands is an entirely different story. What steps did you take to create Prynne and when did you ~officially~ launch Prynne?

✨Devon: I really dug in and analyzed all the existing marketplaces  to uncover whether the idea was viable and what I felt was missing.  The next step was talking to the brands I already had relationships with in order  to understand  their key needs. At the same time I was also learning more about what it  takes to build and maintain a beautiful marketplace in terms of web design, user flow, and the whole online shopping experience.

After I felt like I had a good prototype and had honed in my idea, I started reaching out to brands to join. This involved stepping a bit outside my comfort zone and essentially becoming a salesperson. My first calls were definitely a little rough, but the more I talked to each brand founder, the more I was able to convey the excitement and confidence I felt about Prynne. I also got to connect with so many, mostly womxn founders and hear their stories, which was the best part of the whole experience. We officially launched the marketplace on October 22, 2020.

☁️ Where did your passion for sustainability and eco-friendly fashion come from?

✨Devon: I was raised by a badass single mom who was always teaching me and my sister about sustainability in relation to food. She owned a fair-trade coffee shop in the late 80’s and opened a farm-to-table cafe/restaurant when I was  in high school. My interest in sustainability started with food and slowly expanded into fashion.

☁️ Let’s talk comfort. This time of year can be particularly busy. How do you find comfort during this busy time?

✨Devon: I drink  a lot of tea in the winter and always have a pot of soup or stock simmering on the stove. Even on really busy days I try to make a bit of time to read.

☁️ How can we spread the word Prynne? We’d love to learn more about your favorite Prynne picks.

✨Devon: My goal with Prynne is to make sustainable fashion easy and accessible, so sharing Prynne with people who might have previously found eco-fashion intimidating is a great start. There are so many pieces on Prynne that I love, but I’ve been gravitating towards clothing that is super comfy but also feels special. A few of my favs:

323 Maryam Pants
Soft Focus Jogger Jumpsuit 
Dallas Daws Thea Pants

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