💬 Q+A with Justine Parker, founder of A Seed Growing

👋 Justine! Thanks for being here with us.

☁️ What sparked the idea for A Seed Growing?

✨JustineI’ve always been drawn to studying health and longevity, from yoga to Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The more I learned, the more I noticed how nature was an overarching pattern woven through all of these different modalities. The seasons, the moon phases, the tide cycles, tree’s underground networks and more all give insight into how growth and change are always occurring, even when it’s not outwardly visible. 

With A Seed Growing, I started considering that to really grow somethingbe it your health, your relationships, a new idea, a garden, etc. it always starts with a seed in some capacity. From there, it takes time, routine care, an evolving growth formula and a lot of patience, consistency and trust in the process. I wanted to create a holistic health practice that followed this formula so that people feel empowered to learn how to cultivate their own health. Also, a practice where people can receive support around their unique growing conditions because achieving radiant health is never linear or one size fits all. 

In today’s culture of fad diets and social media highlight reels there’s this misconception that success happens rapidly and overnight. A Seed Growing is intended to be an antidote to this insta-fix culture and a reminder that growth is always happening, sometimes under the surface, and that when we nurture our nature, we will always bloom.  

☁️ In addition to being a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, you are also a certified yoga and breathwork teacher. We’d so love to learn any pro tips you have and are willing to share about integrating healthy practices into our day through the lens of holistic health, yoga, and breathing.

JustineI love this question so much! My pro tip for integrating healthy practices is to keep them attainable, sustainable and go back to the basics. It’s difficult to resist the allure of quick detoxes and cleanses (which can be wonderful at the right time!), but to achieve lasting, regular health, it really comes down to the little things that we do every day, on repeat. 

I always advise clients to find time each day to drink more water, move their bodies (even with a simple stretch or a short walk) and eat more of the real, fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Also, to breathe! Once people find their groove with the basics, it becomes second nature to return to these practices day after day.

☁️ Do you have a favorite warming recipe you turn to as the season changes that you’d recommend? We’d love to learn more about your nutrition tips!

JustineYes! Winter is all about warming and rooting. This means turning to cooked foods, like soups and stews, that are nourishing and easy to digest. Also, incorporating lots of root veggies and warming spices into your diet. Some great warming spices to include in your cooking are: cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, cumin, ginger, pepper and turmeric. When it comes to recipes, I love to draw inspiration from Amy Chaplin’s Whole Food Cooking Everyday for soups, broths and bountiful, veggie-forward meals.

Another simple tip is to switch to mostly warm or room temperature beverages for the duration of winter to support your digestive fire (sorry to all my year round cold brew drinkers!).

☁️ How do you find comfort during busy times?

JustineI find comfort by incorporating micro self-care practices into my every day. When we are in the throes of a busy time, it becomes harder to take a pause and easier to go full speed ahead (until we burn out). Using micro self-care practices each day creates a bumper to prevent overwhelm and bring us back to our bodies. These bumpers or acts of self-care look different for everyone. 

For me, it’s often taking a walk and chatting with a friend, setting a zen mood with a favorite candle and playlist, working from home in my underbares organic cotton boxer briefs (no one can see them on Zoom!) and eating nourishing, fresh foods as often as I can. Also, baths and lots of laughter. Sometimes the best way to find comfort is to laugh at the absurdity of it all (especially right now) and to remember that an overwhelming time is finite, it’s not forever.

☁️ How can we spread the word about A Seed Growing? We’d love to learn more about your favorite ways to work with clients and empower them on their respective health journeys.

JustineReach out! I love to connect with new friends and talk about anything (and everything) related to cultivating more joy in the mind and body. You can find me socially  @aseedgrowing (this is where I post about upcoming classes + events) or visit my website to book a service or complimentary consultation to learn more. I would love to hear from you :)

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