💬 Q+A with Maya Oren, founder of MOJALVO

👋 Maya! Thanks for being here with us.

☁️ What sparked the idea for MOJALVO? How has MOJALVO evolved since you started your business?

Maya: The idea for MOJALVO was sparked by a blog I had kept in college about travel, fashion, and food, that morphed into a farm-to-table video series. I began creating brand identity videos and short food videos and that really caught on. Fast forward 8 years, and MOJALVO encapsulates a lot more. It has evolved into creative direction, still with a focus on filmmaking, but also houses my personal brand and style via Instagram, and a touch of energetic work and spirituality.

☁️ Prior to the pandemic, you used to travel quite a bit for your photography and filmmaking - where were your favorite places to visit? What were your favorite moments to capture while traveling?

Maya: Oh man, that is incredibly hard to narrow down. I like to refer to myself as a hopeless romantic when it comes to traveling--I tend to fall in love with each place I visit. I’d have to say some of my favorite recent trips were Colombia for its vibrancy, Ireland for its regality, the Republic of Georgia for pleasant unexpectedness, and Paris because I just love it, and I am very lucky to have visited more than once. It feels the most like home. However, my most favorite place in the entire world is Tel Aviv. It is my second home and most days I am homesick for it!

☁️ Why did you start practicing free movement? What sparked your interest?

Maya: I’ve been practicing free and meditative movement for two years now. I grew up with a strong background in dance. When I went to college abroad just outside of Tel Aviv, I took modern dance weekly with my cousin at an Israeli studio. We practiced a style of “free-moving” modern that opened my mind up to improvised and unplanned movement. My strong practice in yoga also helped form my practice in giving me the tools to drop in and deep, to observe my body and the present moment around it. This year I honed in on expressing the natural movement that wants to come out of my body. If you listen you will hear.

Maya dancing in the organic cotton muscle tee and the organic cotton boxer brief.

☁️ Let’s talk about comfort. How have you been finding and prioritizing comfort?

Maya: 2020 was a doozy, but I’ve found so much within the solitude. Some of my go-tos for comfort: cacao, crying--like, cathartic crying whenever the urge takes hold, daily movement--meaning free movement, and/or going for a walk, holding space for rest and honoring that over productivity, eating whatever I crave including chocolate chip cookies more often than not, ordering take out when I don’t feel like cooking, turning away from social media when it doesn’t serve me, cozy blankets, junk tv and old childhood favorite movies, masking and baths, acting silly, tapping in and meditating to channel my spirit guides.

☁️ How can we spread the word about MOJALVO? Where’s the best place to find you?

Maya: Ah! I’m honored. Well, Instagram @mojalvo is a great place to start, but I am also moving into [an exciting] newsletter format, so please take a minute to sign up for my email list [right here!]. RONNY is a newsletter that encourages us to slow down, live in the present, and feel simple joy. The newsletter will have short stories that evoke happiness, tips for radiance in your energetic and physical spaces and body, and more! 

☁️ Any tips for dropping into our bodies and finding that inner peace you achieve from free movement?

Maya: Close your eyes, feel the temperature of the air against your skin. Feel the earth beneath your toes, your heels. Ground in with the breath. Smile in gratitude for this present moment. Put your music player on shuffle and press play. Move with the melody, listen to the lyrics. Allow for what comes out. The movement can be small or exaggerated. Don’t force it, observe. You will be surprised what your body wants to communicate with you. 

Big hugs, 

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blog post photo of Maya by Mary Wells Ball.