We’re proudly made in America (right there^).

When we set out on our journey to create modern undergarments, we knew we wanted to have an intimate relationship with the production process (pun intended). So, we chose to make Underbares right here in the USA. We are passionate about supporting ethical manufacturing and creating jobs close to home.

We take great care in manufacturing Underbares in small batches.

Every time we design and manufacture a new style, we carefully calculate the amount of Underbares we produce. So, when you receive your Underbares, know that they were made in small batches by hardworking hands on real-life sewing machines.

Talented seamstresses sew your Underbares.

Before arriving at your door, your Underbares are cut and sewn by hand. Each Underbares undergarment is made by one to six dedicated seamstresses. The number of people who work on each style varies based on design complexity.

Before launching a new style, we obsess over your feedback.

Ever since Underbares was born in 2018, each style has been made in collaboration with you. Once you tell us what you want to see in your top drawer next, we work with our product development team to create designs with you in mind. From there, we test the design on as many bodies as possible and continue to tweak it until we achieve a fit as close to perfect as possible.

Once sewn, each garment is inspected by hand.

As soon as your comfy essentials are made, they are then inspected by hand to ensure they match our high-quality standards.

After you place your order, it is carefully hand wrapped and shipped.

Our fulfillment team is up bright and early each business day (and we mean early… they’re on site by 5:00 a.m.) reviewing and preparing your order. Your order is taken from our inventory shelf and hand-wrapped in recycled tissue paper before heading out the door to you.