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when we set out on our journey to create modern undergarments, it was essential that we be close to the production process. we wanted to be a part of the development every step of the way. so, we chose to have underbares made in the USA. our founder is from Massachusetts and is passionate about supporting ethical manufacturing and jobs close to home. we’re proud to share that underbares is made in Fall River, MA by our two wonderful partners.

Merrow Manufacturing
our friends at Merrow have been in business since 1838 (!) Merrow began as a general store and quickly developed into a diverse manufacturing organization. the Merrow team specializes in manufacturing sewing machines and the intersection of technology and fashion production. Merrow is managed by seventh generation brothers, Owen and Charlie Merrow. we work closely with their team on product development.

Precision Sportswear Inc.
through our friends at Merrow, we met Neal Venancio at Precision Sportswear. you can throw a stone between Merrow’s mill building and Precision Sportswear’s mill building, which makes visiting our partners and sharing materials between the two easy. it also cuts down on shipping time, which saves us all time and unnecessary emissions. Precision Sportswear has been in business as a cut and sew factory since 1993. they produce almost every type of garment and accessories like bags, belts and blankets. they help us make all styles and double as our fulfillment and distribution team - lovingly fulfilling your orders! 

our partners believe in investing in American manufacturing, and we do too 🇺🇸

- behind the scenes at Merrow -

👋 Marie and Nicole!


- behind the scenes at Precision Sportswear -

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