our values

team bare
we would not be here without a group of strong, beautiful individuals who offer support and encouragement no matter the circumstance—from our passionate founder-designer to the models (aka close friends) and the fierce photographers we work with (Erin Kwon, Kara Schab, Maya Oren, Leah JudsonLauren Zillinger).

our lace comes from a 150+ year old family-owned company. it is important to us that we source from an established supplier that is best in class.

when we set out on our journey to create modern undergarments, it was essential that we be close to the production process. we wanted to touch and feel the development every step of the way. so, we chose to have underbares made in the USA. we are committed to supporting ethical manufacturers close to home.

there is a lot of waste in the world. we do not want to add to it. all of our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable. everything, with the exception of our branded stickers and hang tag strings, is created from recycled materials.

we charge only what we need to in order to cover the cost of creating our undergarments, sending them to you, keeping our lights on, and developing new everyday essentials. we want our undergarments to be accessible, and we do our best to price them accordingly.