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We put you first, always.

Since we launched our first style, The Everyday Bra, each and every comfy design has been inspired by and made in collaboration with you. We design the best sustainably-minded everyday essentials that put you and our planet first.

We’re obsessed with finding better options.

“Lingerie is a landscape of extremes: over-sexualized push-up, lacy undergarments or functional bras that are not particularly pretty or comfortable. I thought there had to be a middle ground - a brand that understands we want to feel both comfortable and beautiful in our own skin.” -Genevieve, Founder

We’re a small (and mighty!) team.

We would not be here without a group of driven individuals who offer support and encouragement no matter the circumstance.

We thoughtfully source all materials we work with.

Here’s the scoop: when we source new fabrics and trims, we obsess over where they come from, who makes them, and if they can be reused or recycled. Plus, we share where everything comes from with you.

We’re proudly made in the USA.

When we set out on our journey to create modern undergarments, it was essential that we be close to the production process. So, we chose to have Underbares made by ethical manufacturers close to home.

Our minimal, eco-friendly approach to packaging: less is more.

There is a lot of waste in the world. We’re not here to add to it. All of our packaging is either completely biodegradable or recyclable, right down to our stickers. The only thing we ask that you consciously toss is our hang tag strings.

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